Thursday, July 2, 2015

Go Hard When the Going's Tough

Name a few aspects that you remember about your dad. My dad is funny, caring, laid back, smart, but, most of all, he is such a hard worker. My dad has this shirt that says "Mr. Fix It" on it, and that definitely suits him. He always was working on something around the house. I learned the value of working hard from him.
 In class we talked about a lot of different ways to teach good work ethic to your children. Some include:
-As a parent, work/ do the chores with your children
-Encourage your children
-Don't micromanage your children
-Show that money isn't related to work 
I have seen my parents model these for me in my life. They taught me the value of hard work. I have had to work for the things that I have, and I am grateful for that. It has helped me to grow up and see the importance of working and saving money. 

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