Thursday, June 11, 2015

Take My Heart, But Please Don't Break It

Fidelity...what does it mean? In class we came up with a few synonyms; faithfulness, loyalty, and consistency. Fidelity in marriage is such a vital aspect. Your spouse should be your number one, your best friend, your world! In Genesis 2:24 it says that man should cleave unto his wife, and nothing else. Does this mean that if you are faithful in your marriage, everything will be peachy? Definitely not, but take a look around you; what is perfect? The best marriages have flaws; you have to work together with your spouse to accept your flaws and try to improve them. My teacher Michael Williams, a marriage family therapist, gave us some valuable advice during class; "Go to great, great lengths to protect your marriage." This is your soulmate; someone who you should love! You must remember to be mindful. Put yourself in their shoes when things go wrong. Be engaged in their life and in your conversations with them. Remember why you decided to marry your sweetheart in the first place. Show them your love!

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